Imran Khan has no authority to impose emergency or governor rule: Fazl

PDM will ‘win the war for Pakistan’s survival’, Fazl tells govt


Pakistani Democracy Movement (PDM) and JUI-F Chairman Fazlur Rehman told the government on Saturday that the opposition coalition is fighting for the country’s survival and that it will win this fight.

“We will win this war, and Pakistan will have a government that is truly representative of the people, which will understand the problems faced by the masses. The ones who [were imposed] are not aware of the public’s issues,” Fazl said, while addressing a PDM protest in Karachi.

The PDM has ramped up its anti-government protests, with the first of the new wave of protests taking place in Karachi. The next will be held in Quetta on November 17 and in Peshawar on November 20.

“This journey, which has started from Karachi, will continue […] and we will march to Lahore, and from there, we will go to Islamabad,” Fazl said.

In meetings between party leaders, such as the phone call between Fazl and PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari the day before and between the head of JUI-F and PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif today, the opposition agreed to increase pressure on the government .

The government has been issuing statements stating that it has not been intimidated by the opposition coalition. Information and Broadcasting Minister Fawad Chaudhry stated that the protest is a “winter event” of PDM.

In a press conference after the cabinet meeting earlier this week, Chowdhury stated that the opposition parties will have to wait one or two years, after which they will have to wait another five years to come to power because they have no plans and no lead.

Fazl, in his address today, claimed that due to rising inflation, people were setting up signs to put their children up for sale as they could not see them suffer. “Some parents are giving their children poison [to end their misery],” he added.

“I had said that this government had come into power by stealing votes; I had said that this government is incompetent and inept,” the Opposition alliance’s chief said.

Fazl said Pakistan’s survival would remain under threat if the incumbent government “is not drowned in the Arabian Sea”. “Revolution takes place where there is an economic crisis.”

The PDM chief said leaders “who bring about a nation’s demise, have no right to rule”. “The country’s labourers, shopkeepers, and professionals are all losing hope.”

He stressed that the political leadership should play their role during these pressing times and stand by the nation. He added that Pakistan was facing international isolation due to the government’s policies.

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