Punjab CM directs sugar mills to sell sugar at Rs 70 per kg

Parliamentary committee should be established to identify real culprits in Murree tragedy: Hamza Shehbaz


Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) representative Hamza Sheikh Baz said on Friday that a parliamentary committee should be established to identify the real culprits of the Muri tragedy.

He said that the inflation continues to rise across the country. Pakistan has become the third most expensive country in the world.

The incumbent government has injected an injection of Rs350 billion into the people s under the name of mini-budget implications and the rulers have nothing but words. The tragedy of Murree has hurt the emotions of people..

The opposition leader said that the indifference of the rulers broke all boundaries. Who were the people at the place where the incident took place? Hub train crash kills 70, no one brought to justice. Bazdar was taking the report of Murree tragedy as if he had done some extra ordinary work.

The opposition leader Punjab Assembly further said that when people were dying out if cold, Wasim Akram plus his group members were holding meeting.

Where is Usman Bazdar’s helicopter when people are dying? Such aloof rulers have never been seen in history. Are you making fun of people’s mood after 15 suspensions? PML-N won’t sit still until the real culprit is identified.

He went on to add that Pakistan is the third most expensive country in the world. The State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) is enslaved by the International Monetary Fund while the country’s economy has collapsed.

The PML-N leader said that Imran Niazi still remembers the Sharif family and that Imran Niazi will have to answer before the court of the people and Allah.

Earlier on January 19, an investigation report on the Muri tragedy was submitted to Chief Minister (CM) Punjab Sardar Usman Bazdar and 15 officials were dismissed. These include Commissioner Rawalpindi, Deputy Commissioner Rawalpindi, CPO, AC Murree and more.

The CM said in a news conference that action was being taken to remove 15 officials on the recommendation of the investigative committee.

He said the Rawalpindi commissioners had been removed from their posts and sent to the federal government, which also recommended that they be suspended. DC Rawalpindi has also been removed and his services have been handed over to the federal government.

He said his suspension had been recommended and disciplinary action taken against him.

CM Buzdar said AC Murree were suspended and disciplinary action had been ordered against him. ASP Murree was removed from his post and his services were handed over to the federal government. It was recommended to suspend him and disciplinary action be taken against him.

CTO Rawalpindi, DSP Traffic, SE Highways Circle-2 Rawalpindi, XEN Highway Rawalpindi, XEN Highway Mechanical Rawalpindi, SDO Highway Mechanical Murree, Divisional Forest Officer Murree, District Emergency Officer Murree, Incharge Murree Rescue 1122 and Director PDMA Punjab have also been suspended and disciplinary action has been ordered against them, the Chief Minister added.

Chief Minister Usman Bazdar said the tragedy that took place in Murree was sad and extremely painful in all respects. He said that this is a great tragedy and a high-level inquiry committee headed by Additional Chief Secretary (Home) was constituted to determine the causes and those responsible for this mishap. The Chief Minister said that he himself had gone there to review the situation.

“I had promised a transparent inquiry into the tragedy along-with action against those responsible which has been fulfilled,” He added.

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