Pandemic creating 'lockdown generation': UN

Pandemic creating ‘lockdown generation’: UN


The UN says the blockade caused by the coronavirus pandemic is creating a “blockade generation” because it forces one in six people under the age of 29 to stop working.

The ILO warned in a new study that the new coronavirus crisis is particularly severe for young people and may affect their job opportunities and career choices in the coming decades.

Guy Ryder, the head of the International Labour Organization, said in a virtual press conference: “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to talk about the dangers of locking a generation.”

He said: “As we recover from the pandemic, many young people will be left behind. A large number of people.” He warned, “The danger is that this initial impact on young people will last ten years or more Long time.

The direct impact of the pandemic will permanently hurt people.

Even before the crisis, the global youth unemployment rate in 2019 was still 13.6%, much higher than any other group, and about 267 million young people had neither employment nor education or training (NEET).

Overall, ILO research indicates that compared to the last three months of 2019, the corona virus crisis is expected to reduce global working hours by 10.7% by the second quarter of 2020, equivalent to 305 million jobs.

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