Finance Minister vows to ensure stability in forex market

Pakistan’s trade deficit is more than Rs5600 billion: Miftah Ismail


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s trade deficit exceeds Rs 56,000 crore, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Mifta Ismail said. The future of the country is at stake, and we will prove it by improving the situation.

Former finance minister Mufta Ismail told a news conference that inflation cannot be reduced immediately, the currency has depreciated, wheat, sugar and fertilizers have been smuggled and now we cannot bring it back.

He further stated that they are also preparing to formulate an economic charter in 2018. PTI members are definitely liars, but they are our brothers. Imran Khan is lying. We shouldn’t take it seriously. Come on, you put the country at risk for a cheap reputation.

Muftah Ismail said that the price monitoring system will be improved, the stock market rose 1,700 points yesterday, the previous government had said there would be a deficit of 4 trillion, the country’s deficit is estimated at 5.6 trillion, 6.4 trillion this year. Estimated deficit, the Prime Minister announced a minimum wage of Rs 25,000.

He said when the Nawaz Sharif government ends, we export sugar and wheat, we will review electricity prices for farmers, PIA and steel mills should be privatized, we should have steel mills and PIA. The work of the employees also needs to be taken care of.

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