Pakistan rejects holding of sham elections in Karabakh

Pakistan rejects recent spate of false terrorism-related Indian allegations


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan stands firmly against India’s recent spate of false terrorism-related assertions, some of which have been misrepresented and portrayed as so-called terror plots against New Delhi.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Asim Iftihar Ahmed said in a statement that part of the Indian media reported that India had intercepted messages from “Pakistan” WhatsApp numbers and sent them in Maharashtra. Trabant seized an “empty ship” along with some weapons.

He said parts of the Indian media were deceptively trying to link these to the ludicrous claims of planning a so-called “Mumbai-style” attack.

In addition, Indian media also reported that Indian intelligence and border defense forces are on high alert for possible “cross-border infiltration” attempts along the Rajali route.

The spokesman said that all this is nothing more than a continuation of the sinister attempt by the Indian side to maliciously slander Pakistan by once again proposing a “terrorist” monster.

He said India must realise that no false propaganda can stop Pakistan from exposing India’s brutality against the Kashmiri people in India’s illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir region.

Pakistan also urges the international community to immediately recognize India’s renewed resort to the classic “false flag” method to advance its sinister plot, which could have serious implications for peace and security in the region, the spokesman said.

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