Pakistan reaffirms its solidarity with Turkiye

Pakistan condemns brutal treatment of Muslims protesting in India


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has strongly condemned the brutal treatment of Muslims by Indian authorities and is peacefully protesting the blasphemous remarks made by two members of the ruling party BJP against the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Foreign Ministry spokesman Asim Iftihar Ahmed said in a statement that this is a new low point for the Indian government’s repressive “Hinduism” policy that has inspired policies aimed at demonizing and persecuting minorities. Majoritarian policies of ethnic groups, especially Muslims.

It said Pakistan condemned the disgraceful treatment of Indian Muslim citizens by the Indian government and expressed solidarity with Indian Muslims during these trying times.

The statement further said that it is appalling that while the blasphemous remarks by BJP officials have been condemned globally, the Indian government’s response has been lacklustre, while the BJP-RSS regime, on the other hand, has insisted on its hatred Islam acts and shamelessly chooses to deal with public protests with brutal and indiscriminate use of force.

Pakistan has again strongly urged India to ensure visible action against those who make derogatory remarks and attack the dignity of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

The spokesperson urged the international community to also immediately recognize the serious deterioration of Islamophobia in India. India must take responsibility for stifling the rights of minorities, especially Muslims, and ensure that Muslims living in India are not victims of professing their beliefs and religions.

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