Pakistan, China creating border dispute with India 'under a mission': Rajnath Singh

Pakistan, China creating border dispute with India ‘under a mission’: Rajnath Singh


Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday accused Pakistan and China of raising tensions at its northern and eastern borders “under a mission”. 

The minister made this statement while he was virtually inaugurating a raft of Border Roads Organisation (BRO) projects. “You are well aware of the conditions created on our northern and eastern borders. First, it was Pakistan, and now also by China, as if a border dispute is being created under a mission,” he said. 

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Singh said that the border between India and the two countries is 7,000 kilometers long, and the tension between the two countries is “every day.” His comments came as India’s efforts to make progress in the dispute between China and the border failed for nearly five months, as the deadly conflict between the People’s Liberation Army and the Indian army killed several Indian soldiers.

Former Northern Army Commander Lieutenant General BS Jaswal (retired) stated that, given the tension between India and Pakistan and between India and China, “the threat of complicity against India cannot be ruled out”.

The day before his statement, Prime Minister Imran Khan condemned India’s assassination of Maulana Adil Khan in Karachi on Saturday night, causing sectarian tensions in India.

Since India revoked Kashmir’s occupied special status on August 5, 2019 and attempted to annex the territory last year, the tension between the two countries has risen to a new high.

Pakistan criticized India for its actions to change the population of the region, and even before the coronavirus pandemic began, it was unable to lock down more than 8 million people.

In two separate addresses to the United Nations General Assembly, PM Imran Khan hit out at New Delhi, calling on the world to admonish India for its inhumane practices in the occupied territory.

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