Pakistan calls on UNSC to act, prevent impending atrocities against Muslims in India, IOK

Pakistan calls on UNSC to act, prevent impending atrocities against Muslims in India, IOK


New York: At the United Nations, Pakistan called on the UN Security Council to take action to prevent atrocities against Muslims in India and occupied Kashmir.

Pakistan ’s Ambassador Munir Akram said at the Security Council ’s Arria formula meeting to prevent future atrocities that, unfortunately, we have witnessed right-wing and fascist ideology, hate speech, xenophobia, Islamophobia, incitement to violence A global revival of behavior and brutal violence.

He said that the Covid-19 pandemic made the worst global crisis since the establishment of the United Nations aggravate rather than lessen these trends.

He said that sadly, the government-sponsored Islamophobia found a fertile home in the Bharatiya Janata Party in India.

He said that the founders of RSS were inspired by Hitler and expressed support for the purpose of purging German Jews. The “escape” of RSS, modeled on the Nazi “brown shirt”, was initiated in a plan aimed at eliminating the Islamic heritage of India.

The Special Envoy said that the spirit of the People ’s Supremacists in India is reflected in the declaration of a prominent member of the People ’s Front of the People ’s Front, that is, everyone is unequal and Muslims are unequal. If the Muslim population exceeds 30%, the country is dangerous. “

Regarding the occupied Chamu and Kashmir, Munir Akram said that the BJP-RSS leaders are implementing what they themselves call a final solution plan that aims to crush Kashmir ’s pursuit of self-determination and freedom Colonize it into most of India ’s territory.

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