Number of Covid-19 deaths to increase in the coming days, warns PM

Number of Covid-19 deaths to increase in the coming days, warns PM


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan said that in the next few days, the number of deaths from coronaviruses in the country will increase. He said that he will personally supervise the implementation of SOP and if any province is found to be missing, it will be completely locked.

When commenting on the coronavirus situation, the Prime Minister thanked Allah that Pakistan had not followed India’s unplanned blockade. He cited a report saying that during the blockade, 84% of Indian families lost their income and 30 million young people were unemployed.

Imran Khan said that the rich in India are not affected by the corona virus blockade. He said, this is what I said from the beginning, we must draw the poor, because they are the most vulnerable in this situation. He said his government allocated Rs 120 crore in the Ehssas Cash program to assist the poor, which is why the situation is not as bad as in India.

He said that the virus is on the rise in Pakistan, and he fears that more people may die in the country in the next few days. He added that after looking at the situation around the world, “smart lock” is a priority.

The Prime Minister called on the public to follow the SOP and warned that if we are not careful, the pressure on the hospital will be too great.

He further stated that he will review the implementation of SOP across the country and monitor the situation from PM House. He said that he will receive reports every day and that strict measures will be taken in areas where SOPs are not implemented.

Imran Khan said that Pakistan has not invested proportionally in the health system for seven decades. Past rulers used to go abroad to treat small coughs, but they did not care about the country’s health system.

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