'Nobody wants me': Gham hour hits Trump at Pennsylvania rally

‘Nobody wants me’: Gham hour hits Trump at Pennsylvania rally


Last night, at Trump’s presidential campaign rally in Erie, Pennsylvania, the notorious Comfort Time attacked Trump because the seemingly insecure Republican president regretted that “no one wants me.”

When speaking to a large group of people in Pennsylvania, Trump commented on how pharmaceutical companies are “making a fortune on fake advertising” and may be unhappy with him.

“They don’t want me, they don’t want me, China doesn’t want me, Iran doesn’t want me, nobody wants me, NOBODY,” he exclaimed. Pausing for a moment, he recollected himself and said: “Erie… Erie wants me, Erie wants me!

“Democrats hate fracking,” the American president said. “They hate coal… good, beautiful, clean coal,” he added. Trump also spoke of an interview with journalist Lesley Stahl, who hosts CBS’s 60 Minutes.

“You have to watch what we do to 60 Minutes. You’ll get such a kick of it. You’re gonna get a kick out of it. Lesley Stahl is not gonna be happy,” he said, as his speech slowly transitioned into a series of video presentations, with foreboding music.

Throughout his address, the US president kept mentioning how he did not wish to come to Erie, was going to cut his speech short because he was feeling cold, and how he did not want to be in the city.

“I wasn’t coming to Erie… I have to be honest. There was no way I was coming,” Trump said. He then shifted to what he claimed were his accomplishments, including the “greatest economy ever, greatest jobs, greatest everything”.

“Then we got hit with the plague and I had to go back to work!”

Trump was accompanied by the representative of Pennsylvania, Mike Kelly, who moved the conversation back to the upcoming 2020 US election.

“I want everybody to make a commitment to get out and vote November 3 and absolutely refuse to lose,” Kelly said. “This is the president, this is the time, we’re gonna make America great again… again because of Donald J. Trump.

“There’s no flu that’s gonna keep this man down! He makes the Energizer bunny look … dead. This guy never stops, he never sleeps, he’s totally dedicated to each one of you and we should be totally dedicated to him.

“I love this president, I love his agenda, and I love the fact that on November 3, we’re gonna put him back in the White House,” the congressperson added to tumultuous applause from the crowd, many of whom were sporting MAGA hats.

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