Sheikh Rashid likely to be detained or placed under house arrest

No-trust motion not easy, can shake foundations of country: Sheikh Rashid


ISLAMABAD: Federal Home Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed said on Wednesday that the no-confidence motion will not be easy as it shakes the country’s foundations.

Speaking to media sources, Sheikh Rashid said the government had announced a package for everyone in its 3.5 years and lowered petrol prices for the first time to ease the burden on the public. He added that whenever the government announces something aimed at the poorer sections of society, questions are raised.

Talking about the long march of the opposition parties, the minister said that Bilawal Bhutto’s long march will be allowed to reach Islamabad as the PPP has already spent billions; however, if the opposition coalition PDM moves its long march date from March 23 Change to better.

While urging civil defence to prepare, the interior minister said unfortunate events could happen at any time. He added that the youth of the country should know about civil defence, for which introductory programmes will be held in all provincial capitals.

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