Price hike in petroleum products is economic terrorism: Shehbaz Sharif

No thief can be a PM, Imran Niazi should resign, Shehbaz reacts to ECP scrutiny report


Lahore: The opposition leader of the National Assembly and Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Chairman Shebaz Sharif said on Friday that Imran Nyazi should resign after being proved to be a thief and a liar.

The opposition leader stated in a statement that according to Pakistan’s Constitution and laws, thieves and crooks cannot become prime ministers. He said that the law and political ethics required Imraniyaqi to step down.

Sheikh Baz Sharif said that like the Nawaz Sharif case, the Imranyazi case should be heard every day, adding that uniform enforcement of the law is a necessary requirement and should be met.

He said the country operates “without a (real) prime minister” and is governed by a “constitutional and legal vacuum.”

“The country has no head of parliament,” he said, adding that under the law and the constitution, Imran Niazi cannot make decisions. “After the ECP review report, no decision taken can be considered constitutional or legal,” Shehbaz said.

The PML-N president went on to say that the agreement with the IMF and the mini-budget will have to be reviewed, adding that all those whose names are mentioned in the foreign funding case should resign, while after the report of the scrutiny committee, a constitutional crisis has arisen in the country.

“I will consult the opposition on this serious constitutional crisis and the parties and members who have faith in the constitution and the law will have to play their role in bringing the country out of the crisis,” he said and demanded the PTI to disclose details of international accounts.

Shahbaz said more investigations are needed on other foreign entities that have donated to the party and that the details of PTI’s international accounts should be highlighted.

“The people who have accepted illegal funds from non-state actors and companies are a threat to the nuclear power that is Pakistan,” he said.

The opposition leader said if such revelations had come to light in a Western country, the prime minister would have already resigned there.

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