Opposition is creating political atmosphere for itself by spreading news of deal: PM

Next three months ‘important’ for PTI govt: PM Imran Khan


Islamabad: Prime Minister Imran Khan emphasized on Thursday that the next three months will be very important to the PTI government.

Speaking during an interview, the premier said that his relationship with the military is “exemplary,” adding he hasn’t thought about a further extension of the Army chief’s tenure as it will be decided in November 2022.

Speaking about the recently-held local bodies elections in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the premier said that the “PTI has suffered because of the defeat in the polls.”

The premier was of the view that the defeat of the PTI was a major failure at the organisational level; however, he reiterated that the party’s vote bank has not decreased.

He emphasized the shortcomings of the government, saying that the biggest failure of the government is the lack of accountability.

The prime minister further stated that if the opposition parties plan to file a motion of no confidence in the government, “they can do this”; adding that he does not feel threatened by “corrupt parties”.

During the interview, the premier said that despite all the evidence against these people [Opposition], they are managing to escape accountability.

Shedding light on the soaring inflation, he said that the government needs to control inflation in the next three months.

He believes that the current government will complete its five-year term with allies.

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