NEC meeting approves Annual Development Program of Rs 1324 billion

NEC meeting approves Annual Development Program of Rs 1324 billion


Islamabad: At the annual meeting of the National Economic Council chaired by Prime Minister Imran Khan, an annual development plan totaling Rs 132.4 billion was approved.

The National Economic Council (NEC) meeting was held under the auspices of Prime Minister Imran Khan. During the meeting, the annual development plan was also discussed, and then the scale of the plan was approved.

Federal Development Program (Federal Development Program) also approved an additional Rs 1,000 crore, for a total of Rs 650 crore.

The document said that the development budget of the provinces has been maintained at Rs 67.4 billion, and a special anti-coronavirus project of Rs 70 billion has been approved.

According to the document, the approved infrastructure development budget is 364 billion rupees, the energy budget is 80 billion rupees, the water budget is 70 billion rupees, and the transportation and communications budget is 179 billion rupees.

Development projects worth 249 billion rupees were approved for the social sector, 20 billion rupees for health and population welfare, 35 billion rupees for higher education, and 24 billion rupees for sustainable development.

According to the document, Azad Chamu Kashmir and Gilgit-Balstan have been approved for 40 billion rupees, while tribal areas merged with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa have been approved for 48 billion rupees. Rs 200 crore has been approved for science and technology, Rs 14 crore for agriculture including locust control, and Rs 3 crore for ERA.

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