Navy thwarts Indian submarine's attempt to enter Pakistani waters

Navy thwarts Indian submarine’s attempt to enter Pakistani waters


Rawalpindi: The Pakistani Navy’s anti-submarine warfare unit has foiled an attempt by an Indian submarine to enter Pakistani waters, Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) said on Thursday.

The interception and tracking of the latest Kalvari-class Indian submarine took place on March 1, the military media department said in a statement.

ISPR said the latest incident, the fourth discovery in the past five years, reflects the capability and determination of the Pakistan Navy to defend Pakistan’s maritime borders.

In a detailed statement later, Rear Admiral Babar Iftihar, commander-in-chief of the Indian Navy, said the Indian Navy had ulterior motives in deploying submarines to Pakistan.

“However, yet again through continuous vigilance and professionalism, Pakistan Navy has foiled Indian Submarine’s attempt of entering into Pakistani waters,” he said.

During the prevailing security environment and ongoing Pakistan Navy Exercise SEASPARK-22, the possibility of an Indian unit lurking into the Pakistan Maritime Zone for reconnaissance and gathering information on exercise was anticipated, the DG ISPR said.

“Therefore, strict monitoring watch and stringent vigilance procedures were enforced. Resultantly, the Pakistan Navy Anti-submarine warfare unit took the lead and prematurely intercepted and tracked the latest Indian submarine Kalvari,” he said.

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