Nasla Tower: Police seize documents from SBCA office

Nasla Tower: Police seize documents from SBCA office


Police investigators raided the Sindh Building Control Authority (SBCA) head office again on Friday and seized several documents from the Master Plan Department.

The investigation wing of Karachi Police is trying to pin down the names of the SBCA officers who approved the building plans for the Nasla Tower, which is being demolished on orders from the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The Sindh Anti-Corruption Establishment is leading a separate probe.

Police investigators stated that some SBCA officials have not appeared in their offices since the investigation began earlier this week.

They said that the documents seized from the SBCA master planning department will be subject to close scrutiny.

The police and anti-corruption teams conducted a series of raids on the SBCA headquarters.

Multiple SBCA officers are suspected to have received the “speed money” to authorize the construction of the Nasla Tower, which the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled, was built on encroached land including a service lane.

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