NASA replaces Artemis 1's leaky fuel seals

NASA, European Space Agency join forces on climate change


Paris: NASA and the European Space Agency joined forces to tackle climate change on Tuesday, and they said that this move paved the way for the global response to this problem.

“To ensure that data from Earth-observing satellites are used to their best advantage, further science and, ultimately, bring the most benefit to humankind, ESA and NASA have formed a strategic partnership for Earth science and climate change,” ESA said in a statement.

On Tuesday, ESA Director Josef Aschbacher and NASA Director Bill Nelson signed a statement of intent to formally confirm the partnership.

The statement said that this aims to “pave the way for leading the global response to climate change through the monitoring of the earth and its environment and their joint efforts in earth science observation, research and application.”

Space agencies in the United States and Europe have cooperated on environmental issues, especially in the Copernicus Sentinel 6, in which satellites of the size and shape of large minivans measure sea level rise, and tracking may be Changes that destroy tens of millions of lives. generation.

“Without doubt, space is the best vantage point to measure and monitor climate change, but joining forces is also key to tackling this global issue,” ESA s Aschbacher said.

“This is why today s agreement between our organisations is so crucial,” he added.

The COP26 climate conference in November will provide a chance “to further make space an integral part of the solution when it comes to climate change mitigation,” he said.

“Climate change is an all-hands-on-deck, global challenge that requires action — now,” said NASA chief Nelson.

“NASA and ESA are leading the way in space, building an unprecedented strategic partnership in Earth science,” he added in the statement.

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