NA to convene on Saturday to vote on no-trust motion against Deputy Speaker

NA to convene on Saturday to vote on no-trust motion against Deputy Speaker


ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Raja Pervaiz Ashraf elects speaker for the National Congress undetected, with a session of the lower part of the parliament called at noon in the 12th session.

The five-point agenda for the National Assembly meeting to be held on April 16 has been released, according to which a vote of no-confidence motion in the Deputy Speaker will be held.
In this case, the government and its allies have directed their members to remain in Islamabad on Saturday.
The government and allied members should be ready by the afternoon, the sources said. The government hopes to elect a new speaker at Saturday’s meeting.
Acting Speaker Qasim Suri adjourned the meeting on April 16 and convened a meeting on April 22.
It is worth mentioning that at the last session of the National Assembly, Speaker Assad Kaiser offered his resignation when parliament voted to overthrow then Prime Minister Imran Khan in a deadlock.

The crucial session of the house began at 10:30 am (11:00 IST) with Speaker Qaiser, a senior member of Khan’s party, in chair. Since then, the session was adjourned thrice for one reason or another.

“I have decided, keeping in view the letter which I’ll share with the Supreme Court, that I can no longer stay at the office of speaker,” Qaiser said. I’ll ask Ayaz Sadiq form the PML-N to come and complete the legal procedure (hold voting on no-confidence motion), he said.

“I have led a long part of my life with Imran Khan. For 26 years I was with him, since my school days. Given the order of the Supreme Court, I resign today. For us Pakistan is first, our country is first. Imran Khan s stand is for the freedom of the country,” he said, while tendering his resignation.

After announcing the resignation, he asked Ayaz Sadiq of PML-N to chair the proceedings, who then conducted the proceedings.

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