NA to convene on Saturday to vote on no-trust motion against Deputy Speaker

NA Secretariat refuses to accept resignations of PTI members


ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly Secretariat on Thursday rejected the resignation of Pakistani Justice Movement (PTI) members.

According to the sources, the secretariat’s position is that no member’s resignation letter should be sent to the electoral committee without personal confirmation, while Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri wants to accept all resignations by April 22.

On the matter, Qasim Suri said he would accept the resignation of the PTI members.

It is worth noting that when Sheikh Baz Sharif became prime minister, PTI members of the National Assembly had announced their resignation from their seats, and even Qasim Suri, the deputy speaker, apologised for presiding over the meeting.

The PTI believes that Shehbaz Sharif’s government was formed under an external conspiracy.

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