Rain brings relief from scorching heat in Karachi

Monsoon update: Karachi, get ready for rain from July 15


Karachi: Sardar Sarfaraz, director of the Karachi Meteorological Bureau, said that it is expected that Karachi will usher in the first monsoon rain from July 15 to 17.

Rain will alleviate the extremely hot weather in Karachi.

The director of the Office of the Meteorological Bureau said on Saturday that heavy rain is expected next week. Karachi may receive approximately 10-22 mm of rain during the first stage.

Weather experts said that on July 11, there will be low winds in the northwest of the Bay of Bengal, and the humid winds of the monsoon season will enter Pakistan through Gujarat.

The Metropolitan Office announced: “On July 12, the clouds in Tapaka and surrounding areas may drop.”

The Bureau of Meteorology also stated that Karachi may experience light rain on July 12 before the official start of the first monsoon period.

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