Mohammad Hafeez retires from international cricket

Mohammad Hafeez retires from international cricket


Lahore: Former captain Mohammad Hafeez has announced his retirement from international cricket 18 years after making his debut in Sharjah against Zimbabwe on 3 April 2003.

Hafez represented Pakistan in 392 international games, won 12,780 runs and 253 wickets, and also served as team captain in 32 international games. He is a member of Pakistan and won the 2017 ICC Championship trophy in England and Wales. Overall, Hafez has participated in three World Cups with more than 50 strokes (2007, 2011 and 2019), six World Cups with more than 20 strokes (2007, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2021) and three ICC Champion trophy (2006 and 2017).

In the ICC Player Rankings, Hafeez achieved highest Test rankings of 22nd in batting, 29th in bowling and fifth in all-rounders. In the ODI rankings, Hafeez’s highest-ranking was 13th in March 2014, while he topped the bowling and all-rounder charts in August 2012 and January 2013, respectively. Hafeez’s rankings in T20I were equally impressive, peaking to ninth in batting in February 2007, third in bowling in August 2013 and number-one in all-rounders in March 2014.

Mohammad Hafeez announced, “Today I say good-bye to international cricket with pride and satisfaction. In fact, I have earned and accomplished more than I had initially envisaged and for that, I am thankful to all my fellow cricketers, captains, support staff and the Pakistan Cricket Board who helped me out during my career.

“And, of course, my family who made big sacrifices to ensure I achieved my aspirations of representing Pakistan at a global stage.

“I am extremely fortunate, lucky and proud to have been considered worthy of donning the national kit with Pakistan emblem for 18 years. My country and my team have always been at my forefront and therefore, every time I stepped on to the field, I tried to raise their profile and image by playing hard and tough but within the rich traditions of spirit of cricket.

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