Miftah Ismail not optimistic about any relief by IMF in electricity bills

Miftah says cannot hike petrol price, will seek more time from IMF


KARACHI: Finance Minister Miftah Ismail on Monday said that government cannot hike petrol price and it has decided to seek more time from International Monetary Fund (IMF) on the matter

Talking to media sources in Karachi, the finance minister said his predecessor Shaukat Tarin and former prime minister Imran Khan had reached an agreement with international banks to raise petrol prices by Rs 100.

Mifta said the previous administration had planted landmines everywhere for the new administration.

Referring to the former minister’s statement on the allocation of oil products subsidy funds, Mifta said he could swear that Shaukat Tallinn was lying and asked him to show where he was hiding the funds.

Imran Khan’s 2014 sit-in led to the postponement of the Chinese president’s visit to Pakistan, and the IMF team scheduled for talks in Islamabad today declined to visit because of Khan’s sit-in, he said.

The finance minister expressed hope that within the next two days, he will successfully reach an agreement with the IMF in the best interests of the country and the people.

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