Death toll from catastrophic floods rises to 1290

Medium, high level flood likely in Indus during Sept 4-6


ISLAMABAD: With heavy rainfall expected in the catchment, the Flood Forecasting Department has forecast moderate to high flooding in the Indus River (lower Taunga) from September 4 to 6.

Currently, the Indus is in “high flood” status in the Guddu-Sukkur reach and “moderate flood” in Taunsa and Kotri, according to the Federal Flood Board’s daily report on Friday. The flooding of the Kabul River (a tributary of the Indus) in Nowshera has receded significantly at “low flood”.

Other main Rivers of Indus River System i.e Jhelum, Chenab, Ravi & Sutlej continues to flow with Normal discharges.

Present combined live storage of Tarbela, Chashma & Mangla Reservoirs is 9.646 MAF (i.e. 71.646 % of 13.461 MAF.

Weak seasonal low continues to prevail over Northeastern

Balochistan and adjoining areas while weak moist currents from Arabian Sea are penetrating into upper parts of Pakistan upto 3000 feet during the next 24 hour.

Over the ensuing 24 hours, the Lahore FFD forecasts mostly dry weather for most of the country, but also forecasts isolated thunderstorms/rains in the upper basins of all major rivers in the Indus system.

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