Supreme Court announces verdict for victims of Tarbela dam after 60 years

MDCAT mandatory for admissions in medical colleges: SC


Islamabad: The Supreme Court upheld the Lahore High Court (LHC) order on Thursday and declared that the Medical School and Dental School Admission Test (MDCAT) is a mandatory requirement for medical school admissions.

The three-person bench composed of Justices Omar Atta Bandir, Said Mansour Ali Shah and Justice Munib Akhta retained the September 27th judgment.

The applicant has sought permission to file an immediate petition against the decision of the LHC, stating that the Supreme Court of Lahore followed the decision of the High Court of Islamabad.

The five-page judgment written by Judge Shah pointed out that admissions to medical or dental courses offered by public universities should be managed strictly in accordance with the policies of the provincial government.

The judge stated that admission to private colleges should be carried out in accordance with the standards and requirements set by private colleges at least one year before enrollment.

However, the SC ruled that according to regulations, students applying to any medical school or dental school must take the MDCAT, which also applies to private medical schools.

The court ruled that private universities cannot circumvent MDCAT through tests developed by themselves, because MDCAT is a legal requirement of the Pakistan Medical Commission Act of 2020.

The court also cited the bill: “Any student seeking to enter any medical school or dental school must pass the MDCAT exam held by PMC.”

It is necessary to mention here that LHC and IHC have rejected the student’s request for MDCAT.

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