Malir court hears bail petitions in Nazim Jokhio murder case


Karachi: On Wednesday, the investigator of the Nazim Chocchio murder case filed a progress report on the investigation of the case in the Marial Court.

The court is hearing the bail application of the defendant in the murder case.

“Blood samples taken from the stick and bed quilt have been matched with the victim’s blood,” the IO said in his report. “No traces of poison found in the chemical report.”

The IO informed the court that he had still not received a final post-mortem report.

“Nazim Jokhio was succumbed to brutal torture,” the counsel of plaintiff said. “Key accused Niaz Salar and Jam Abdul Karim MNA have fled from the country,” he further said.

“A letter has been sent to the FIA with regard to fleeing of the accused from the country,” investigation officer said.

Another accused of the case Muhammad Khan has got interim bail from the court, with it five accused have been released on bail including Saleem Salar, Dodo Khan, Mohammad Soomar and Ishaq Jokhio.

The court retained its decision on the bail application and will announce the decision at the case hearing on December 16.

In November, local journalist Nazim Jokhio was allegedly tortured to death in the farmhouse of the alleged PPP MPA Jam Awais in an attempt to prevent his foreign guests from contacting the endangered houbara bustard.

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