Macron says France has scored its 'first victory' against virus

Macron says France has scored its ‘first victory’ against virus


Paris: President Emmanuel Macron said on Sunday that France had achieved its first victory in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, ending most of its blockade, but he added that he would “learn from the crisis” “Lesson”, this crisis has killed nearly 30,000 people in the country.

Macron said in a speech to the United States: “The fight against the epidemic is not over, but I am happy with the first victory against this virus, which is the first time since the COVID-19 case began to surge in March. Four battles.

He said that starting Monday, the entire French continent, including Paris, will enter a “green zone” with lower alert status, which means that cafes and restaurants in the French capital may be fully operational, not just on the terrace Business.

This announcement will reassure restaurants in the French capital and its suburbs after officials said last week that they may not reopen the restaurant before June 22.

Only the overseas territories of Mayotte and French Guiana will remain at the “orange” alert level, and a large number of cases still pose a threat to the strained hospital system.

Macron also said that apart from high school, all French schools will be fully reopened from June 22, this move will allow more parents to return to work, and give students at least a few days before the summer vacation with teachers Together.

Starting Monday, family visits will also be allowed in retirement homes. Although the number of new infections has declined significantly in recent days, it was particularly heavy due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in France. The COVID-19 outbreak caused French More than 29,000 people were killed.

Macron said: “Tomorrow tomorrow, we will be able to turn a page in the first chapter of the entire territory.”

The president also confirmed that the second round of municipal elections was originally scheduled for March, when the government imposed a blockade on the virus, and that the elections will be held on June 28 as planned.

However, because “they are the main venue for spreading viruses,” mass gatherings will still be “strictly controlled.”

Macron said the government has mobilized “unprecedented” financial assistance and relief of 500 billion euros ($563 billion) to prevent layoffs and support key sectors such as aviation, automobiles, restaurants, and tourism.

He said: “Due to this epidemic, the global economy has basically stalled. Our first task is to rebuild a strong, ecological, sovereign and unified economy.”

But the French leader acknowledged, “This challenge also exposes our shortcomings and disadvantages. Our dependence on certain products depends on other continents, our organizational barriers, our social and territorial inequalities,” he said.

This effort will include “large investment” to educate and train young people and ensure that they find a job, which shows that people are increasingly worried that the entire generation of students may endanger their future due to the impact of the crisis.

Macron said that he will conduct extensive consultations with civil society on how to best respond in the coming weeks, and he will speak to the French people again in July.

He said: “We need to create new jobs through investment in technology, digital, industrial and agricultural independence.”

However, he ruled out new taxes to pay for the economic recovery, and he said he would not work hard to cut “one of the biggest financial burdens” of his citizens and businesses.

He said: “The only answer is to build a rugged new economic model and carry out production and production so that we do not depend on anyone else.”

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