LHC directs govt to reconsider closure of schools from Dec 20

LHC directs traffic police to chalk out road management plan to curb smog in Lahore


Lahore: The Lahore High Court (LHC) on Friday ordered the city’s chief traffic officer to develop a road management plan to curb smog in the world’s most polluted city.

According to reports, Justice Shahid Karim heard dozens of the same petition calling for the control of the rising smog in Lahore, and at the same time ordered the traffic police to propose a short-term plan to maintain the flow of traffic in the metropolis.

At the hearing, Judge Shahid Karim stated that the smog situation in Lahore is becoming more and more worrying, but the Minister of Environment did not weigh the severity of it, and instead denied it by issuing absurd notices. “Permanent measures need to be taken to control the smoke,” he added.

The court instructed lawyers from the Punjab government to set up a smog committee to investigate the matter.

Judge Shahid Karim directed Lahore Mayor Mubashar to appear in court and inform the local government of the extent to which it has the authority to take measures to curb the smog.

The court stated that the prison road became an unsignaled road without considering citizenship issues, because crossing the road is now a difficult task for them. The court expressed concern about the possible transfer of the CTO and stated that it would also issue an order to stop his transfer.

Earlier, Lahore’s Chief Technology Officer Montazal Mehdi told the court that 93 letters had been written to the authorities to eliminate the encroachment, but no progress had been made. He said that smog is a bigger problem than dengue fever and the corona. Strict laws need to be enacted in the future.

The court adjourned the hearing until November 23.

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