Lampard proud of Chelsea response to coronavirus crisis 1

Lampard proud of Chelsea response to coronavirus crisis


London: Chelsea manager Frank Lampard believes the Blues are proud of their response to the coronavirus crisis.

Following the suspension of the Premier League last month, the London Club quickly gave health workers a commitment to use the hotel at Stamford Bridge Stadium and pledged to match all donations to the charity for family abuse in the six-week fundraising.

Unlike some other Premier League clubs that have been criticized for using the UK government’s holiday system to pay non-working workers, Chelsea has so far decided not to use government money.

“I’m very proud to be the manager of this club with the way Chelsea have handled it,” Lampard told Sky Sports.

“They were very quick to respond with the help of the hotel and there’s a lot more work going on with the foundation, with link-ups and with getting in touch with fans.

“There are a lot of people at Chelsea who have really stood up.”

Premier League players have rejected prominent politicians, including British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, for not agreeing to a cut in wages.

Since then, the Premier League stars have set up a fund that will donate to help primary health care workers, and many clubs are discussing the issue of deferred salary payments.

“Football players will try and do the right thing,” added Lampard. “I think they needed some time and the politicians jumped the gun while things were being prepared. It was unfortunate that picture got painted.”

As the virus has not peaked in the UK, the Premier League season has been suspended indefinitely and not even the club has resumed training.

At the same time, players need to stay in shape at home, but Lampard remains vigilant about quickly resuming action after lifting restrictions.

The German club starts group training and hopes that the Bundesliga can start again next month.

The English Premier League made similar suggestions to complete the season in the summer without fans.

“It’s challenging in that its unprecedented and we don’t know how long it’s going to go on for,” said Lampard.

“We’re trying to stay in contact with the players. In football we’re so used to schedules and routine and this is completely different.

“We may have a short pre-season coming up so the players need to be ready. But they are professionals so you have to trust that they will want to come back as well as they can.”

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