Kremlin eyes U.S. actions over Ukraine with great concern

Kremlin eyes U.S. actions over Ukraine with great concern


MOSCOW, Jan. 25: Russia said on Tuesday it was very concerned after the United States placed 8,500 troops on alert to deploy to Europe in case the crisis in Ukraine escalates.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov accused Washington of fuelling tensions over Ukraine – repeating Moscow’s line that the crisis is being driven by U.S. and NATO actions rather than by its own build-up of tens of thousands of troops near the Ukrainian border.

Western countries have accused Russia of planning new attacks on Ukraine, which it invaded in 2014. Moscow has denied any such plans but said it could take unspecified military action unless demands are met, including a NATO commitment to never recognize Kiev.

NATO said on Monday it was putting troops on standby and strengthening Eastern Europe with more ships and fighter jets. Russia denounced the moves as “hysteria” by the West. read more

Peskov said President Vladimir Putin will meet this week with French President Emmanuel Macron, who also plans to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Russia is waiting this week for a written response from the United States on its list of security demands, some of which Washington has dismissed as unworkable.

Peskov said the U.S. military alert did not affect the negotiations because the current phase of the negotiations has been completed.

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