Karachi to pay Rs3.75 more per unit for electricity

Karachi to pay Rs3.75 more per unit for electricity


The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority or Nepra has increased Karachi’s electricity tariff by Rs3.75 per unit.

According to a notice issued on Tuesday, electricity prices have risen due to the September fuel price adjustment, and the charges will be adjusted in the December bill.

Now, Karachi will shoulder a burden of Rs6.63 billion.

Earlier, K-Electric requested Nepra to increase the per-unit price of electricity by Rs3.45 for the month of September.

Federal Minister for Energy Hammad Azhar revealed last month that the government had asked Nepra to increase the power tariff to stem Pakistan’s soaring circular debt.

“An increase of Rs1.39 a unit will be applicable to power tariff from November 1,” he said. “This will not be applicable to consumers using less than 200 units of electricity.”

The minister said that Pakistan was now self-sufficient in electricity. The government, he said, was targeting to increase the demand. “We introduced an industrial package last year which has been successful as we have seen a 15% increase in demand,” he added.

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