Karachi policemen assaulted for stopping lockdown violators 1

Karachi policemen assaulted for stopping lockdown violators


Police said on Friday that Sindh was blocked because of the spread of the new coronavirus, that their officials were saying group prayers and that their officials were being attacked.

Police said that although the Liaquatabad area of ​​the city was completely blocked for three hours, the imam of the local mosque prayed Friday.

After breaking the law, the police tried to stop the prayer, but were attacked by the perpetrator. The police said, “When the police asked them to stop praying collectively, people were encouraged by imams.”

The two police officers were beaten by the people and later they had to take cover from the civilians.

The provincial authorities have today taken strong measures to ensure a comprehensive blockade of Sindh from 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM. During these hours, people’s activities were also suspended due to the empty appearance of the streets and streets.

Some measures have been taken to prevent the public from going to the mosque for Friday prayers and to prevent the spread of the corona virus pandemic.

Sindh News and Local Government Minister Said Nasir Hussein Shah officially announced the blockade in a statement made Thursday evening. He said it is a painful move to prevent people from participating in group prayers, but it is an inevitable measure to prevent the spread of the corona virus.

Sindh Ministry of Interior has also issued a message ordering the complete cessation of public, private, transportation, commercial and other public activities on Friday.

The message only allows three to five people to have group prayers in the mosque.

Pakistan has found over 2,400 cases of coronavirus, 35 of which died.

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