Japan cruise ship virus cases near 100

Japan cruise ship virus cases near 100


Tokyo: Japanese officials said on Friday that at least 91 crew members had coronavirus on a cruise ship docked on the Nagasaki, and 43 others tested positive.

There were no passengers on the Costa Atlantica, flying the Italian flag, and arrived in southern Japan for maintenance in January.

Its operator first notified the local government of the suspected virus infection on Sunday.

The head of the local government ’s health and welfare department said that the test results of all 623 crew members should be announced earlier on Saturday.

“We think we will have a clearer picture once we get all the samples,” Nakata told reporters.

A Japanese expert plans to board the ship for the first time later on Friday to assess the situation.

The crew told Japanese officials that some crew members had been quarantined in the cabin, but many crew members also had to move around to maintain basic functions.

Except for one interpreter who is a Japanese national, the crew are all non-Japanese.

Local officials are working with the central government to allow people who test negative to go home, while also trying to arrange for the ship to leave the area under safe conditions.

“Considering the limited medical resources we have in this region, it is difficult for us to maintain and control the health of all the 630 people,” Nakata said.

“We need to maintain the medical system for local residents,” he said.

So far, one crew member has been hospitalized and is on the ventilator, while the other crew members with milder symptoms remain on board.

Japan has dealt with a virus outbreak on a cruise ship, the Diamond Princess, which docked in Yokohama after a former passenger was positive for the disease.

The authorities ordered isolation on board, but eventually more than 700 people were infected with the virus and 13 people died.

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