Forward bloc suspected in PTI as Jehangir Tareen meets politicians in Lahore

Jahangir Tareen group may join hands with Opposition: sources


Lahore: The faction of the estranged PTI leader could sided with the opposition as the opposition plans to launch a no-confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan’s government, sources close to Jahangir Tallinn’s group have claimed.

A majority in the group recommends siding with PML-N, while lawmakers elected from Jhang believe the faction should remain independent, according to people familiar with the matter.

A majority of the group believes the faction should be “actively involved in the current political situation”. The source further added that most lawmakers believe now is the right time for them to formulate their strategies against the PTI-led government

The group has also decided to present its own strategy when the no-confidence motion is formally presented, according to the source, but suggested that the faction’s political cards should be kept secret until the no-confidence motion is raised. They added that the group is likely to side with the opposition when the motion is tabled at the convention.

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