Italy virus death toll could be 19,000 higher than reported: agency

Italy virus death toll could be 19,000 higher than reported: agency


Rome: The National Social Security Administration said on Thursday that the death toll from the new coronavirus in Italy in March and April may be nearly 19,000 higher than the official figure of 32,000.

In a new study, the National Institute of Social Insurance (INPS), Italy ’s largest social security and welfare institution, said the official death figures were not “reliable”.

Research shows that the total number of deaths recorded in Italy in March and April was 156,42, which is 46,909 higher than the average number of deaths recorded in the months from 2015 to 2019.

INPS said that during this period, the Civil Defense Bureau reported only 27,938 coronavirus-related deaths, and the number of deaths constituted the basis of national statistics.

This means that there were 18,971 more deaths than normal during this period, and the vast majority of them were recorded in the northern part of the country where the coronavirus raged.

INPS said: “Given the fact that the current number of deaths is fairly stable, we can, with caution, attribute most of the deaths in the past two months to epidemics.”

It added that the increase in deaths may have been caused not only by the disease, but also by other diseases where the hospital was overwhelmed by the coronavirus pandemic and had no access to medical care.

As of last Friday, the epidemic has caused 32,486 deaths in Italy, with 26,715 deaths in the Lombardy region alone (the most affected region in Europe).

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