Iraq appoints third PM-designate, after second withdraws 1

Iraq appoints third PM-designate, after second withdraws


Baghdad: The Iraqi intelligence director was appointed as Iraq ’s third prime minister more than a month after the recent candidate resigned after political infighting.

In a severe economic crisis and viral pandemic, turmoil threatens the leadership vacuum that leads the government.

Adnan Al-Zurfi (Adnan Al-Zurfi), when major Shiite parties gathered around Mustafa Al-Kadhimi to replace him in the past 48 hours ‘S campaign qualifications are threatened.

When major Kurds and Sunni cliques withdrew support for his candidate for election, his chances were further reduced.

Shortly after the resignation of Iraqi President Al-Zurfi, 53-year-old Kadimi was appointed as prime minister.

“With my mandate to lead the Iraqi government, I pledge to my honorable people to work to form a government that puts the aspirations and demands of Iraqis as the top priority,” Kadhimi tweeted shortly after his appointment was announced.

Kadhimi was appointed by the former Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abadi as the Director of the Iraqi National Intelligence Agency and has held the position since June 2016.

In a resignation letter to Saleh, Al-Zurfi cited “internal and external reasons” that prevented him from carrying out his duties as premier-designate.

He had presented a government plan focusing on the economy, reconstruction and bringing arms under the control of the state, but fell short of producing a Cabinet lineup to parliament.

“I offer my apologies first to everyone who put their trust in us,” the letter said.

Since his appointment in March, Al-Zurfi has been resolutely resisted by Iraq ’s powerful Iran-backed political parties. On April 4, eight militia organizations supported by Iran issued a joint statement accusing Al-Zurfi of being “American agents” and threatening lawmakers if they approved the proposed cabinet.

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