Iran reports record one-day coronavirus death toll of 200

Iran reports record one-day coronavirus death toll of 200


Tehran: Iran announced on Tuesday that another 200 people will die of coronavirus, the highest number of single-day deaths since the deadliest outbreak in the Middle East in February.

The previous record was the number of people who killed 163 on Sunday.

“Unfortunately in the past 24 hours we have lost 200 of our compatriots, bringing the total number of victims to 11,931,” health ministry spokeswoman Sima Sadat Lari said on state television.

“The increase in the number of deaths is very painful for all of us,” she said, adding that it was “the result of all of our behaviour and actions”.

Larry said another 2,637 people tested positive for the virus, bringing the total number of official cases to 245688.

Since Iran reported a low of nearly two months in daily recorded cases in early May, the officially recorded deaths and infections caused by the virus have been steadily increasing.

Official statistics show that from July 4, the government has forced people to wear masks in closed public places or in droves.

But the authorities have repeatedly warned that they believe citizens’ attitudes toward masks are lax and they are also concerned that people will continue to gather together.

“Always have a mask on you when you go out,” Lari emphasised on Tuesday.

She also said that after a series of weddings held here in recent days, the infection rose sharply in a place she didn’t mention.

Iran has never completely blocked the corona virus.

On the contrary, it prohibits gatherings, especially in the religious and sports fields. Among other measures, it also restricts business activities and travel.

But due to the severe sanctions in the United States, the economic pressure-already strong before the arrival of the corona virus-because the growth rate of infection seems to have slowed down, the government gradually allowed companies to start business again from April.

The national news agency IRNA reported on Tuesday that 12 members of Esteghlal, one of the country’s top football clubs, tested the virus positively.

Four months after the suspension due to the pandemic, Iran’s football season restarted on June 25.

The authorities have allowed the provinces most affected by the resurgence of the virus to re-implement restrictions.

Senior Iranian officials, including Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and President Hassan Rouhani, have tried to set an example by wearing masks-the sport has also been promote.

Sometimes it has proved difficult to implement the measure, especially in the capital, where many residents are reluctant to wear masks even on public transport, and it has been more than two months for public masks to be mandatory.

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