Pakistan's weekly inflation hits 19.82 percent

Inflation witnesses slight increase of 0.08pc in first week of 2022


Islamabad: The prices of various food items went down during the week ending on January 6 as compared to the previous week, according to the Sensitive Price Indicator (SPI) data released by Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) Friday.

The data shows that the food commodities that have fallen from the previous month include tomatoes and peppers, and their prices have fallen by 18.28% and 14.54%, respectively.

Other foods whose prices have fallen include eggs (2.23%), liquefied petroleum gas (0.96%), rice (0.17%), wheat flour (0.06%) and mustard oil (0.05%).

Compared with the same period last year, the commodities whose prices fell this week include tomatoes (46.76%), beans (24.70%), onions (12.02%), eggs (7.68%) and chili powder (3.30%).

On the other hand, WoW products with rising prices include potatoes (5.23%), chicken (4.45%), bananas (2.56%), onions (2.12%), pulse Masoor (1.55%), pulse grams (1.46%), pulse mash (1.44%), diesel (2.75%), salt (2.75%), gasoline (2.68%) and matchboxes.

Commodities rising year-on-year include electricity (83.95%), 5 liters of cooking oil (56.75%), 1 kg of vegetable oil (53.85%), 2.5 kg of vegetable oil (53.26%), liquefied petroleum gas (51.50%), men’s sponge chappal (50.25%), mstard oil (48.59%), detergent (45.85%), men’s sandals (44.49%), pulse Masoor (38.05%), gasoline (36.13%) and diesel (28.07%).

During the week, out of 51 items, the prices of 25 (49.02%) items increased, 07 (13.73%) items decreased and 19 (37.25%) items remained stable.

The overall SPI based weekly inflation for the week ended on January 6 witnessed a slight increase of 0.08 per cent for the combined income group as compared to the previous week.

The SPI for the week under review in the above mentioned group was recorded at 168.12 points against 167.98 points registered in the previous week.

The weekly SPI with base year 2015-16=100 is covering 17 urban centers and 51 essential items for all expenditure groups.

The Sensitive Price Indicator for the lowest consumption group up to Rs17,732 witnessed 0.28 percent decrease and went down from 176.40 points in last week to 175.91 points during the week under review.

At the same time, the SPI of the consumer group of 17,732-22,888 rupees and 22,889-29,517 rupees decreased by 0.18% and 0.10%, respectively, while the SPI of the consumer group remained stable from 29,518-44,175 rupees, and rose 0.22% above 44,175 rupees.

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