India and China deployed in 'large numbers' in border showdown: foreign ministry

India and China deployed in ‘large numbers’ in border showdown: foreign ministry


New Delhi: India admitted for the first time on Thursday that after a deadly conflict this month, India and China have assembled troops in its controversial Himalayan border area.

But the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused China of causing tension by starting military deployments, and warned that if the confrontation continues, the relationship between the two most populous countries in the world will be damaged.

Neighbors accused each other and asked them to fight in the Ladakh region on June 15 in which 20 Indian soldiers were killed and the number of casualties suffered by China is unknown.

Although everyone expressed their desire to reduce the size of the territorial duel, Anurag Srivastava, a spokesman for the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said, “The two sides are still deploying a lot in the region, while military and diplomatic contacts are still in carry on”.

Srivastava said that the “China Operation” on the unofficial borders, the Actual Line of Control (LAC), led to a deadly battle with rocks and batons this month. No shots.

The spokesman said: “The core of the problem is that since the beginning of May, China has been accumulating a large number of troops and armaments in Latin America and the Caribbean.”

He added that China’s agreement to avoid conflict between the two armies hindered India’s patrol. The troops of the two countries fought in the border war in 1962 and have been in conflict since then.

Srivastata said that the Chinese army built “buildings” on the Indian side of the dividing line in the Galvan Valley in Ladakh, where high-altitude fighting took place.

The spokesman said: “Although there will be occasional evacuations in the past, the behavior of the Chinese army this year completely disregarded all the commonly agreed guidelines.”

He said that because of the rise of China, India had to “anti-deploy.”

The military commander held talks, and his foreign minister also discussed ways to end the showdown.

Srivastava said: “Peace and tranquility in the border areas are the foundation of our bilateral relations.” He asked China to continue to fulfil its commitment to ease tensions.

“The continuation of the current situation will only eliminate the atmosphere of relationship development.”

China accused the Indian army of attacking its troops for the battle on June 15.

Beijing also called on India to “immediately stop all acts of infringement and provocation.”

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