IHC allows Kh Asif to cross-examine PM in defamation case

IHC orders probe into corruption, maltreatment of prisoners in Adiyala jail


Islamabad: The Islamabad High Court has ordered an investigation into the corruption, crime and abuse of inmates in Adiyala prison.

The Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court, Ather Minallah, passed the order at the prisoner’s request. The prisoner pointed out the corruption and sponsorship of the influential prisoner mafia in his confession. He also complained about the torture and cruelty to prisoners in his confession.

The court remarked that it seems as if all the jails within the country are under the influence of elites. The court further remarked that the state is responsible for the protection of prisoners and the majority of the detainees are not convicted, they are under trial and can be considered innocent.

The court remarked that the illegal treatment of prisoners is a serious violation of the Constitution of Pakistan.

The court also sought a report from Sherry Mazari, head of the Commission for the Rights of Prisoners, and Secretary Human Rights.

The court instructed the head of the committee and the secretary of human rights to submit a report on January 12.

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