Fazlur Rehman says nation should welcome Nawaz Sharif

I was responsible for Imran Khan’s ouster, not foreign conspiracy: Fazl


JUI-F chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, who is also the head of the Pakistan Democratic Movement, on Saturday said that PTI Chairman Imran Khan was not removed from power through any foreign conspiracy as he claims, but it was him who was responsible for Khan’s ouster.

Addressing a seminar in Islamabad, Fazl censured the former premier and said that first, he kept waving an alleged threat letter before the masses and then resorted to saying that his life was in danger. 

“The United States has denied sending any threat letter, then who is supposed to kill you? The security institutions of the country have also ruled out allegations of a conspiracy and have proved that you were lying,” Fazl told Khan.

The chief of the PDM further said that the previous, PTI-led government came into power through “rigging and illegal means.”

“I was the one who had conspired to remove Imran Khan from power. It wasn’t a foreign conspiracy that led to your ouster, but it was Fazlur Rehman’s conspiracy that sent you packing,” he said. 

Since he was ousted in April through a motion of no-confidence, Khan has shouted foul and claimed the opposition parties at the time condoned the US to overthrow his government. The PTI has also requested the establishment of a judicial committee to investigate the matter.

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