Suspension of PTI chief's sentence by IHC irks Shehbaz

House will decide on when to hold elections: PM


Prime Minister Shehbaz Shairf on Thursday said that the House will decide on when to hold elections.

Responding to the PTI chairman’s call for early elections in the country, the prime minister said in a speech at the National Assembly that Imran Khan’s dictation would not work.

PM made it clear that the PTI leader has mistaken that he could pressurize the government, he quoted that Imran Khan should limit his dictation to his house, not to the lower House of the Parliament.

PM Shehbaz also mentioned that the doors to hold talks are still open.

Shehbaz Sharif said that the National Assembly laid the foundation for transparent elections by passing a bill to amend the Election Act. He explained that country’s economic condition is already in a very bad shape and in such hard times they will not allow anyone to spread chaos.

The PM further said that can a group or a party be given the right to rebel against the constitution by force or can they be allowed to spread chaos in the country? Can an armed group be given a chance to revolt? The allies have to decide whether this House can allow such acts, he added. The PM put forward the choice that whether to take the path of destruction or rebuild the country.

He said if the judiciary decided to support Imran Niazi then they would be happy, if not they would be critical. Imran Khan has publicly defamed justice and institutions.

The prime minister went on to say that this man [Imran Khan] said that if that chief justice is willing to hear my case, I will be ready. When the aforementioned Chief Justice heard and made a decision, the PTI chairman began to slander.

The Prime Minister said the PTI had done nothing but publicize misconduct for the past four years.

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