Hafeez Shaikh directs FBR to expedite refund process to facilitate businessmen


Islamabad:Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh Wednesday directed the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) chairperson to expedite the process of refunds so that the business community could be provided with maximum relief..

The consultant organized the meeting of the finance department through a video link to the business world, assuring them of his full support during this difficult time.

A Treasury press statement said Razak Dawood, the prime minister’s business adviser, was also present.

Sheikh expressed the hope that the export sector of Pakistan will have a brighter future after the corona virus crisis.

The consultant also said that the mechanism for granting monetary aid should ensure transparency and simplicity of the process so that those with bad daily reports can be remedied without causing complications.

The director of the FBR informed the meeting when she addressed the meeting, saying that she was in personal contact with the team and company representatives to expedite refund issues.

At the meeting, representatives requested an accelerated repayment to manage their operations.

Business and financial advisors shared the status of their company and the problems they experienced as a result of slow global business operations.

Participants were told that daily bets and SMEs were hit hardest in this crisis.

Participants discussed a viable plan to allocate the 200 billion rupees from the Prime Minister’s emergency plan for daily wages and labor to support them in the country’s diminished business.

Business participants pledge to take care of their daily bets with the help of the government and fulfill their social responsibilities where appropriate.

Also present were Dr. Waqar Massod Khan, Ali Jameel, Mian Muhammad Mansha, Shahid Hussain, Shahzad Saleem, Bashir Ali Muhammad, Ali Habib, Aurangzeb, Tariq Saigol, Almas Hyder, Shahid Soorty, Fawad Anwer, Saqib Sherazi · Tariq Habib and senior officials at the Ministry of Finance, the Department of Commerce and the Federal Reserve Bank.

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