Tarin admits growth rate hit by rising inflation

Govt working on long-term strategy to strengthen national economy: Tarin


Karachi: The Prime Minister’s Financial Adviser Shaukat Tallinn stated that the government is formulating a long-term strategy to strengthen the national economy on a sustainable basis.

He said at a ceremony in Karachi on Sunday that Prime Minister Imran Khan had taken a balanced decision during COVID-19 to protect the livelihood and economy of the people.

The consultant stated that the government is fully focused on construction, agriculture and industry to ensure growth in all sectors.

He said that last year witnessed a significant increase in agricultural products, and we are working hard to increase revenue from 9% to 11%.

Shaukat Tarin said that the information technology sector’s exports increased by 47% last year, and other sectors also experienced growth.

He said that the promotion of the construction industry has created job opportunities.

When talking about the plan of the International Monetary Fund, the financial adviser said that all issues with the board of directors will be resolved soon.

He said that the artificial rise in the price of the U.S. dollar is being curbed and severe action will be taken against currency hoarders and smugglers.

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