Govt hints at reducing petrol price

Govt increases petrol price by Rs5.40 per litre


Islamabad: The government approved an increase in gasoline prices by Rs 5.40 per liter on Thursday.

Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communications Dr Shahbaz Gill took to the twitter to make the announcement and said contrary to OGRA s recommendations, Prime Minister Imran Khan has approved a mere Rs 5.40 per liter increase in the price of petrol in the public interest.

The price of diesel increased by 2.54 rupees per liter, while the price of light diesel increased by 1.27 rupees per liter.

PM Imran Khan decided to provide relief to people in opposition to OGRA’s recommendations on petroleum product prices.

In view of the rising prices of petroleum products in the global market in the past few months, OGRA proposes to increase gasoline prices by 11.40 rupees per litre.

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