Govt does not realize significance of our work: Pervaiz Elahi

Govt does not realize significance of our work: Pervaiz Elahi


LAHORE: Speaker Punjab Assembly (PA) Chaudhary Pervaiz Elahi said that the incumbent government is forgetting the contribution of his party and added that it does not realize the significance of our work.

President Pakistan Muslim League (PML) Kasur and former MPA WAQAS Hassan Mokal encountered Pakistan Muslim Alliance President – Q (PML-Q). During the meeting, discussing the political situation of the country happened.

He went on to add that the consequences of the PTI rule will leave an impact on PML-Q’s standing in public. The government does not identify the contribution of our party whether it was the Senate election or the protests led by Fazlur Rehman the efforts of PML-Q were not acknowledged. He said that it was PML-Q that recommended to include the translation of Holy Quran in FA syllabus. He further said that the law on belief in sanctity and last prophethood of Holy Prophet PBUH in Nikkah Nama and policy of completing Holy Quran till primary grade were suggested by PML-Q.

He said his party is to bring success and prosperity for the youth of the country. He said that the new building of the Punper Conference is the heritage of Punjab. His party believes that the public must be provided by politicians and should be relieved.

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