LHC to hear PTI intra-court plea against Hamza's oath-taking on Thursday

Governor to decide till 2PM otherwise court will issue its order


Lahore: Chief Justice (CJ) Lahore High Court (LHC) asked during the hearing filed by Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leader Hamza Shahbaz that why is the Governor Punjab Omar Cheema not taking the oath of Chief Minister (CM) Punjab.

Based on the details, Chief Justice (CJ) Amir Bhatti said that Punjab has been without a cabinet and no government for 21 days.

The Attorney General argued in court that the Governor is not responsible to any court as he is accountable to the President of Pakistan.

The Advocate General further stated that the Governor of Punjab will send his reasons for not taking oath of the Chief Minister of Punjab to the President soon.

The Lahore High Court Justice Ameer Bhatti remarked on the Advocate General’s arguments that the Governor has till 2 O’clock to decide, if he does so then everything is good, but if the Governor fails to decide till the given time then the court will issue its orders.

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