Government's negligence will lead to worst wheat crisis says Ahsan Iqbal

Government’s negligence will lead to worst wheat crisis says Ahsan Iqbal


Lahore: Pakistan Muslim League-N (PMLN) senior leader Ahsan Iqbal said on Saturday that the government has no explanation for the shortcomings of the State Bank Law (SBL) and that the government’s negligence will lead to the worst wheat crisis.

“With the approval of the bill, the National Bank (SB) will no longer be accountable to the government. Now a governor can even be re-elected for 10 years, all for End the foreign financing case,” adding that the SB had become a slave to the IMF. The term of office of the chairperson of the Higher Education Commission has been reduced from 4 years to 2 years.

“January 13 marked a dark day in the country’s history. The finance minister introduced the bill, but he was unable to answer questions from the opposition. A man who failed to be finance minister is answering questions from the opposition,” Ah Mr Sang said. He further added that the government has completely disrupted the energy sector and all the houses and workshops struggling with the lack of access to gas are proving their incompetence.

The PMLN leader continued, “Those responsible for the gas crisis are lecturing today and pointing out the mistakes of the previous government in their fourth year in power.”

Ahsan Iqbal accused fertilizers of being smuggled and sold under the supervision of the government, but said: “The mafia is developing in fertilizers, medicine and various other fields, and according to them, farmers overuse Fertilizers are the crisis that caused it. All fertilizers are smuggled into another country. Government negligence will lead to the worst wheat crisis.”

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