Google quietly rolls out test version of Android upgrade

Google quietly rolls out test version of Android upgrade


San Ramon, California: Google has released a beta version of its Android software’s annual upgrades, and it hasn’t promoted the latest operating system that supports most smartphones as much as ever.

In a blog post on Wednesday, it announced the debut of the “beta” version of Android 11, as well as a video tutorial for smartphone app manufacturers on the Google YouTube service.

Android 11 will provide some new features to make it easier for people to find notifications about incoming text. It also enables users to quickly open a digital conversation by pressing a floating “bubble”, which can identify the person at the other end of the text. The new Android bubble reflects the features that Facebook has used for many years in its Messenger app.

The next version of the software also aims to better protect people’s privacy, and Google is often accused of intrusion when collecting information to sell ads.

The system will ask the user if they only want to grant the app access to their location once, and then Android will not allow access until the user authorizes again. Android 11 will also automatically recognize the time when the application has not been used for a long time, and close the granted permissions that the user may have forgotten in the past.

The beta version is mainly downloaded by the application manufacturer, and Google will continue to resolve the errors in the software before providing the operating system to the owners of smartphones running on Android for free. However, smartphone manufacturers and wireless operators do not always always quickly release new versions of Android software to users, which has allowed many devices to run on older versions of the software for many years.

Google usually previews the next version of its Android software at its annual event near its headquarters in Mountain View, California, in May, when thousands of application manufacturers and computer programmers will be present.

But this pandemic forced Google to cancel this year’s event and move it to a virtual party scheduled for last week. However, after the death of George Floyd, the protest raged in cities across the United States, and after the death of George Floyd, black people were detained by police in Minneapolis In the middle of death, the white police pressed his knee to his neck.

The new version of Android will soon be available to the owners of Google Pixel phones, but of the more than 2 billion devices running on different versions of Android, these account for only a small part.

In contrast, more than 80% of iPhone users usually download the annual upgrade of Apple iOS, and the software is what powers these devices. Apple plans to preview the next version of its iOS at an event held online on June 22 instead of attracting thousands of people around the world to participate in live events in Silicon Valley.

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