Google boots far-right site from ad platform

Google boots far-right site from ad platform


San Francisco: Google confirmed on Tuesday that it launched a far-right website from its advertising platform and posted another website on the announcement due to a “dangerous and derogatory” comment on civil rights protests.

The Internet giant said it has stopped directing profitable ads to ZeroHedge and warned “Federalists” that it may also be blocked by Google Ads for violating content policies.

“To be clear, The Federalist is not currently demonetized,” a Google spokesperson said in response to an AFP inquiry.

“We do have strict publisher policies that govern the content ads can run on, which includes comments on the site. This is a longstanding policy.”

The Internet company said that actions against warnings and warnings issued by ZeroHedge are related to the content in the comments section, and the content in these comments always violates Google’s policy on dangerous and derogatory content.

According to US media reports, the objectionable content is related to false information about the recent “Black Lives Matter” disciples.

ZeroHedge said in a post on the website that it is appealing Google’s decision and hopes to “correct” the situation.

This controversial policy was developed by Google three years ago to prevent advertisers’ marketing messages from appearing next to malicious or hateful content on the site.

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