Gold price rises in Pakistan but local demand remains flat

Gold price drops in Pakistan, global markets


On Wednesday, the price of gold in Pakistan fell by 200 rupees. The 24k gold Torah is now priced at 124,450 rupees.

According to exchange rates compiled by All Sindh Sarrafa and the Jewelers Association, in the international market, the price of precious metals plummeted by US$17 per ounce, and gold to US$1,768.

Gold remains unstable in the global market and has plummeted by more than $100 since November 26.

It jumped to a five-month high of US$1,874 per ounce on November 16 and reached a peak of Rs 132,000 per Torah on October 26 in Pakistan.

In the domestic market, after falling by 214 rupees on December 15, the price of 10 grams of gold was 106,696 rupees.

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